Nicaragua STM  – July 22nd – August 1st, 2017

TCCC Team with Water Ambassadors Canada to Nicaragua.

William and Adam Lam
Perry and Jayden Lo
Yelay Wong and Amy Lee
Louis and Jayson Tong
and Vivian Ng

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2017 Saddle Lake Alberta STM: Please pray for the two TCCC STM teams that will be ministering to the Cree First Nations people on the Saddle Lake Reserve: (1) : Matthew C, Thaddeus I, Priscilla L, Janice L, Nicole P and Wesley T. from May 18th-26th, and (2) Heusen L, Esther L, and Aaron S from May 18th-July 5th.  Please click the photo below or here to follow us on our journey…


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